Integrated Investment Optimization

Integrated Investment Optimization:
Optum offers not only exceptional property management services but also real estate investment consulting and management services.

Optum optimizes everything about the investing process and will ensure your real estate investments are being managed and operated at their max capabilities. We will help you purchase the perfect property and the best possible price. Maximizing your investment is our top priority. All you have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in. Buying, leasing or managing a property? We are here to help.

When you work with Optum Real Estate Management, you have a highly experienced team that will take care of you every step of the way.

Our Integrated Investment Optimization services include:

1) Determining and Evaluating your Investment Goals
- Everyone has different criteria, whether you are looking to find a property to rent, to live in or to watch it grow in value, we will help you find the best strategy and asset to get you there to meet your desired goals and returns.

2) Determining and Analyzing a Target Market
- Each market behaves in a very different way. Prices can fluctuate at different times based on a myriad of external factors. Our highly trained and experienced personnel can analyze the market and find the perfect fit every time.

3) Identifying and Evaluating Potential Properties
- Truly evaluating property is trickier than it seems. Let us make sure you do not end up with an underperforming headache. Optum utilizes the best technologies and thorough evaluation techniques to ensure our client’s portfolios are expertly managed and tracked in real-time.

4) Purchasing and Financing of Property
- When it comes to financing property, we are an amazing resource. It does not matter if you are looking to purchase land or looking for a beneficial mortgage, we can be of help.

5) Executing a Comprehensive Management and Performance Plan
- Now that you have the property, it is time to put it to work. Let us create a performance plan to maximize your financial returns. We are a highly trained and experienced management firm and can help you manage every aspect of your property.

6) Continuously Evaluating and Reporting on Property Performance
- We do not sleep on our laurels; we keep evaluating the performance of your property and find new ways to improve it to maximize profits. We keep you in the loop with our detailed performance reviews.

7) Exiting or 1031 Exchange Out of Property
- When it is time to move on to a different property, we are there to help you get the most out of it. Whether you are exiting or exchanging the property, we are here for you.

Our Optum Integrated Investment Management takes real estate investing to the next level. We'll evaluate everything from the cash flow of the property to the tax implications of both the purchase and sale. This ensures that we are meeting your overall investment goals so you can continue living and improving your life for you and your loved ones.

Pricing: Custom pricing to fit your needs. Call for details.
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