Optum Real Estate utilizes industry management practices along with the best technologies to ensure that our client’s portfolios are expertly managed and tracked in real-time.

We offer savvy advice backed by in-depth analysis, years of investment and management experience, and a deep knowledge of Southern California’s real estate market.

We will assist you in analyzing and maximizing your entire investment portfolio, from evaluating your current investments to helping you add, position, and manage your entire investment portfolio.

Optum’s agents are at your disposal, we will make sure you have access to new and exclusive listings if you are purchasing and will make sure you get the most out of your listing.

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Maximizing the returns and performance of your real estate

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Maximizing the revenue and minimizing the costs of your real estate


At Optum there are different ways we help you achieve your goals from Real Estate Management to financing, we are with you every step of the way, and will help you evaluate your goals, finding the property that fits your requirements. Optum will analyze the market of your choice to help you make the best decision - the clearer the data and the more information you have the better decision you can make. After helping you find a property that is determined to meet your requirements, we will help you purchase the property and manage the operation to ensure a good return on investment instead of a liability that will cause you headaches in the future.

Optum will be there for you when it comes time to purchase and finance your property. After helping you purchased your property, we will help you come up with a performance plan to maximize your profits. Even after the property is taken to the point of yielding profits we will make sure to keep an eye on any opportunities for improvement.

As part of our fundamental part of our services, we offer Property Management to all of our clients. Before you decide to rent your property in Orange County, you really need the expertise of a property manager who will protect you and your investment. If you already have and are dealing with troublesome tenants, an experienced Orange County and Los Angles property manager can help you go back to enjoying your rental income without the stress.

Optum Real Estate Management offers a comprehensive portfolio of real estate and investment management services to meet the needs of our clients. We at Optum pride ourselves on having a portfolio of established management offerings as well as being able to create tailor-made offerings for any unique or complex situation. Select from our list of services below to find out more.

  • Economical
  • Comprehensive
  • Transparent & Honest
  • Superior
We guarantee competitive pricing. We also guarantee that we will deliver value and return far exceeding the costs of management.

We offer straightforward and Competitive Pricing:
8.9% of Rents Collected for 1-4 unit properties
6.9% of Rents Collected for 5+ unit properties
Custom Pricing got 15+ unit properties
Our team of professionals utilizes our expertise in real estate, finance, economics, construction, public policy, and psychology to evaluate and maximize all aspect of your real estate investments. With Optum you are getting a multidisciplinary approach and the expertise of a large and professional team while spending a fraction of what other less sophisticated firms would charge.
We guarantee full transparency and honesty of our operation and management of your investments. With Optum, you not only receive top-notch advice and management, but you also receive peace of mind.
Our team of real estate professionals will ensure that we deliver superior results and returns on your real estate investments. We are obsessed with doing right by our clients and will go the extra mile for you and your property. We will assist you in analyzing and maximizing your entire investment portfolio, from evaluating your current investments to helping you add, position, and manage your entire investment portfolio.
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